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Cryogenic Refuelling Station

Parameter information
Medium: LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
Size: 20ft, 40ft


Estación de repostaje de GNL




Refueling heavy duty trucks, buses, taxis and other vehicles



1. The top of the filling station is equipped with a 20ft/40ft tank for storing LNG, and the bottom is equipped with a 20ft/40ft skid-mounted pump skid for LNG filling, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging, and easy to be moved;

2. The overall skid-mounted integration, pre-commissioning before leaving the factory, improves the reliability and stability of the product;

3. Compact design, small footprint, saving land resources;

4. According to the needs of use, the 20ft gas station can be equipped with one pump and one gun or one pump with two guns, and the 40ft gas station can be equipped with two pumps and four guns;

5. Combined with the self-developed IC card system and remote transmission system, IC card sales, remote monitoring of operation status and safety monitoring are realized;

6. It has the functions of refilling measurement, return gas measurement, LNG unloading measurement, tank self-pressurization, and saturation adjustment;

7. Configurable PLC control system, with one-key operation function, easy to learn, highly intelligent and easy to operate.






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